Where to Find the Motivation to Lose Weight

Losing weight is tough. Whether you’ve got a couple of kilos to lose or a lot more, willpower and motivation to lose weight is what is going to keep you going through the hard times when the weight loss slows or when everyone else around you is eating chocolate or having a calorie-laden takeaway. Motivation to lose weight doesn’t just come from within though; there are many more choices for effective weight loss. Below we take a look at the various options that are available and assess their effectiveness.

Face to Face Motivation

One of the biggest markets in weight loss is that for face to face meetings and group weight loss classes. Companies such as Weight Watchers, Slimming World or Rosemary Conley all follow the same model of group support where you can see other people achieve success in their weight loss and gain support from other people too. For many, this is a very successful way to lose weight. You’ll make friends, pick up tips and learn new recipes, and have regular weigh-ins to keep you on track. The downside of this of course is the cost; most classes have a registration fee and then a weekly charge of £5 to £8 per class.

Online Motivation and Groups

If you live in a very rural location or just can’t squeeze a regular meeting into your busy lifestyle, then going to a class might just not be for you. Many of the weight loss companies also offer an online virtual class system where you can chat with other people, log your weight loss and access the same advice and support as you would in your local church hall. This option is cheaper, more flexible, and for many people, the online motivation to lose weight is just as effective as face to face meetings. There are also hundreds of other sites with forums and groups for those trying to lose weight, so take a look around online and see what’s available. Whether you’re a busy mum trying to juggle losing weight with childcare and work, or an older retired person who can’t manage much exercise there will be an online community full of people just like you.

Apps and Websites












If you’re not a group support type of person, whether virtual or real life, then take a look at the range of apps and websites which you can use to help you. Check out MyFitnessPal which is an app and a website which allows you to track calories and log weight loss over time, or MapMywalk which will encourage you to up your activity levels. LoseIt, Diet Assistant, My Diet Coach, The Complete 5:2 Diet or Fast Paleo – whatever type of diet you are following, there is an app to help. Before buying an app though check that it is set up for your market as many are US only and only have calorie information for American food products.

Personal Chef

If your main weight loss problem is knowing what to cook and how much to eat, then motivation to lose weight might come in the shape of a made to measure eating plan. Companies like Diet Chef or Jane Plan allow you to log onto the website, choose your healthy meals, and have them delivered to your door.

The next step

As you can see, there are some very effective ways of maintaining your motivation to lose weight, but do you know what the best one is? Losing weight. Nothing is more motivating than seeing the weight drop off, so why not stack the odds in your favour and think about supplementing your weight loss programme with a little helping hand? Utilising diet pills or fat burning pills can give your weight loss that extra boost, by helping you to burn fat more efficiently and helping you lose weight, which in turn is a real motivator. Losing weight, even if you are using a group can sometimes be a lonely experience, but knowing you have science’s latest technology working away in your body burning fat can be a real comfort and help keep your resolve strong. It will be no-time till your at your target weight and enjoying all the benefits that this brings.

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