7 Emotional Blocks to Your Exercise Motivation


Most of us have been through a time when we had plenty of good intention with corresponding dwindling action. Maybe you have promised yourself to go jogging every morning, got a great start, and then by the third week suddenly found yourself too busy at work, sleeping in late, or any of a number of excuses. Maybe these excuses kept getting stronger and stronger until jogging became a thing of the past. Or maybe you decided to turn over a new leaf and walk the dog twice a day or go swimming with the kids each week and somehow it never really happened. And gyms make a good profit from people who join and end up never setting foot in the gym but continue their memberships in hope – or pretence – of fitness. In other words, when it comes to exercise, there may be plenty of good intention but an equally plentiful measure of inaction. There are 7 main emotional blocks in your path that you need to release so you can move forward. Perhaps one or more ring a bell for you.

  1. One block is to have every intention to exercise but not a clear mental image of yourself doing it. By image, I mean a clear visualization or a clear feeling in your body of doing the exercise. If you cannot imagine yourself doing the action, chances are that you will not do it.
  2. Another, and perhaps even bigger, block, is a hidden emotional fear. If your unconscious mind does not feel that it is safe for you to exercise, then it will do everything it can to stop you.
  3. Another block is about how you see your role. For example, a man who sees his role as always having to work to support his family and please his boss will find himself working all hours in the office or taking clients to dinner and almost never exercising.
  4. Another block is self-consciousness. If you worry about going to the gym because you feel you will be compared to the fit members or feel too self-conscious in gym clothes, then this will be such an unpleasant experience that it can soon end altogether.
  5. A big block is limiting beliefs about yourself. For example, if a girl was discouraged from taking part in boyish sports when a little girl, she may have the illogical belief that sports are not for girls; and so she may find herself inexplicably missing out on swimming, jogging, karate, and all the things she really would love to do.
  6. One thing that most would-be exercisers never get around to is specific goal-setting. It is one thing to want to be fit, but without a clear goal to aim for, it is hard to stick to it. Just being fit is too general a goal.
  7. Another common mistake is to have a great long-term goal but without any intermediate steps planned. It is then all too easy to get discouraged and give up.

If you want exercise motivation but somehow never stick to a plan, maybe you can recognize one or more of these blocks. The next step is to take action to release these blocks from your path. There are many ways to help you, including writing down your feelings and progress, and also EFT tapping or Reiki to change your energy to that of a exercise motivation. Take one step at a time, release anything in your path to success, and you will surely get there.


Source by Suzanne Zacharia

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