Want that sun-kissed look but without the damage to your skin?

Want that sun-kissed look but without the damage to your skin? You need to try tanning tablets

For some people, there’s nothing better than having a sun-tan. As well as giving them a golden glow it can give people a real boost to their self-confidence and make them feel great. But these benefits don’t come without risk. By staying out in the sun too long or using a tanning salon, you risk permanently damaging your skin or even developing skin cancer.

Is there an alternative?

Yes. Tanning tablets offer a completely safe way of getting a golden tan to be proud of, without any of the risks of traditional tanning methods. With more and more people turning to sunless tanning products, here are some great reasons why you should be using tanning tablets to get your golden glow:

Sunless tans last as long as you like

With tanning tablets, your sun-tan lasts as long as you like. If you love your sun-kissed glow then simply keep taking them. If you want to go for a more pale look, simply stop taking the tablets. You’re in complete control.

Tanning tablets are completely safe

Buying tablets from a reputable dealer such as ourselves ensures that you are getting a product that has been through all the necessary scientific trials and are absolutely safe to take.

No more looking pasty white on the first few days of your holiday

There’s nothing worse than those first few days of your holiday when your skin is shockingly pale compared to everyone else’s is there? With tanning tablets, this is no longer a problem. Simply start taking them a couple of weeks before your trip and you’ll step off the plane with a gorgeous looking tan.

Save money and time

With more and more of us leading busy lives, even when the sun’s out we don’t have the time to sit out in the sun and get a nice tan. Tanning salons offer a solution, but continued use of these can be both bad for your health and expensive. Tanning tablets offer a safe and cost-effective solution.

Convinced? Why not try our Tan N Glo tablets a go? At just £15.99, they’re fantastic value and will give you a golden tan that will look fabulous.

Tan N Glo Tanning Tablets – Give your skin a natural glow while increasing the colour of any existing tan.

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