How to Make New Friends at Your Gym – Learn to Interact With Other Members


There are tens of thousands of gyms and health club facilities across the world today where millions of people interact everyday. The wide, diverse range of different types of people with their unique goals make your local gym a truley interesting social circle to say the least. Ranging from the stay at home wife that’s trying to shed some fat, or the retired folks trying to keep fit or even your typical bodybuilder training to add as much freaky muscle as is humanly possible – the one thing that remains constant is that there is plenty of unique personalities to go around. With such a wide range to choose from, there is surely someone at your gym that can become your friend.

If you are in search of someone to talk to, or even develop a friendship with at your gym well it’s actually quite simple! First and foremost, you need to build up some courage, but even if you lack courage there are still easy ways to stumble into a chat. The easiest way is perhaps to ask if you can work in with someone on a piece of equipment they are using. Politely, approach the member and ask if you can work-in with them for a few sets, in most cases the answer will be yes. From their response and tone, it is usually quite easy to notice if they are friendly or not, but then again they might be focused on their workout which may seem they are not interested but they actually are. Now is the time to add some chit-chat in between sets – everyday chatter can do either something on the news you saw, the weather or even a compliment. Another good method is to ask for advice on how to do the exercise correctly. If the member offers advice then odds are you have connected, success!

Finding more than a friendship in a gym is also something that many seek, but remember that friendship comes first for anything else to come of it. If you wish to approach the opposite gender then in most cases this can be quite intimidating. If it’s not, well you have no need to read this article. For the majority however, it’s simply just getting over the first approach. As mentioned above, working in with someone can be successful at times, but there are other options out there. Usually offering advice to someone that looks confused or is performing the exercise incorrectly can be an ice-breaker as well. But be ware, not everyone wishes for help, so be sure to back off if your help is rejected. Another option is in the cardiovascular equipment section of the gym, but once again, do not ever by pushy. In many cases if someone is wearing headphones or reading a book or talking to someone else, they don’t wish to be disturbed and that needs to be respected.

Of course there are many people out there that actually just go to the gym, get their workout in and go home. They don’t really care to make friends at the gym, and there is nothing wrong with that. You shouldn’t really approach those folks that look focused on their workouts, are wearing headphones, or those that simply don’t look approachable.

The best choice for a friend at the gym should be someone that has similar goals of yours. For example, if you are trying to lose 50lbs for example, you should seek someone that has similar goals. That way you can perhaps share and combine workouts and also share similar nutritional goals that you can talk about. Having a friend at the gym is really a good thing to have and in many cases look forward to. Going to the gym is usually not an easy task, but having someone there to encourage you and inspire you is an incredible source of motivation to stick to your fitness plan and minimize those skip days.

Now, as good as it is to interact with members and make new friends at your local gym or fitness club, it is also beneficial to also to make time for alone-time at the gym. Pick a few days of the week that you will focus 100% of your time and effort to your workout at hand. Because as good as it is chatting with friends, the gym is a place to attain your health and fitness goals and making a 20 minute workout stretch into an hour is not very beneficial.


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