How to Grow Sideburns


Growing sideburns isn’t a mere fashion statement, but a form of art form that has enabled individuals throughout human history to differentiate themselves from others. From Alexander the Great (356-323 BC), to James Dean, Elvis Presley, and my personal favorite: X-Men’s Wolverine. While the styles have changed greatly, there’s no doubt that sideburns remain relevant to this day, and so is learning how to grow them. We’re going to learn how to grow sideburns and how to maintain, and stylize them.

*Please note that in order to properly define your sideburns you would need either a pair of scissors or clippers (scissors will require you to also purchase a beard comb).

How to Grow Sideburns:

  • Stop shaving – The first thing you have have to do in order to grow sideburns the proper way, is to stop shaving altogether. The average time it takes to fully grow is between four to six weeks (it varies from person to person). Remember to pick a fitting time to do this, like when you don’t have any social obligations, or when you’re on a vacation from school or work.

Sideburn Styles:

  • -Sideburns that end in the mid point of your ear, are usually considered the classic choice, but it is important to remember to choose sideburns that compliment the shape of your face, as we all have different types of faces.
  • -Long thick sideburns, tend to work better for people with long, and skinny faces.
  • -Long narrow sideburns tend to work better for those with a squared face.
  • -Short sideburns that end in an angle, work better for those with round faces, and square jaws.

Start Shaving:

  • -Shave as you would regularly, but remember to leave your sideburns untouched.

Trim & Define Your Sideburns:

  • Trimming and defining your sideburns is the most important step. Begin the process by either using scissors or clippers to define your sideburns according to the style you chose.
  • -If you’re using scissors, start by using the beard comb in an upward motion and clip the hairs that stick out through its teeth.
  • – Another thing to remember is that your sideburns need to be consistent with the thickness and length of your hair. For example if you have short hair and you decide to have really long sideburns, it would look a bit out of place.


It is better to be conservative and not end up trimming as much as you initially intended, as you can always cut more, but once you cut too much, there’s no turning back.

Now go rock those new sideburns!


Source by Avi Garret

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