How To Control Beard Acne and Dry Flaky Skin

Do beard acne and dry skin affect your daily routine? Beards make you look stylish and add a touch of class to your personality. But they also make your day to day routine uncomfortable if you suffer from beard acne and dry skin conditions.
Fortunately for you, the beard market has products that help you deal with these problems. You should also remember you are not alone. Many people struggle with these irritating and itchy skin conditions. The causes of beard acne and dry, flaky skin are:

• Facial Hair

You might find that you are tempted to grow a rough beard. That may be in the case of trying to cover up skin acne. However, you should avoid this strategy as it only increases the growth of acne and makes your skin develop a dry and flaky texture.

• Dirt, Oil Accumulation

Your facial hair accumulates dirt and oil as you carry out your daily activities. These oil and dirt surfaces end up blocking your skin pores. The result is that sebum is formed underneath your skin resulting in acne increase and skin infections.

• Uncombed Beards

Remember that as you enjoy spotting that rugged beard, you also increase your chances of growing acne and dry skin. That’s because your beard hair will curl itself towards your skin. The result is you will develop cystic acne.

How to Respond To These Causes These Causes of Beard Acne and Flaky Skin

Adult man squeezes the pimple on his face looking in the mirror

• Shaving

You should try shaving your hair in different directions. Before shaving, you should also try removing dead skin cells under your beard using recommended products. You should also consult a dermatologist on the best shaving styles and products that can help improve your hair skin and decrease acne production.

• Washing Your Hair

You should wash your beard on a regular basis. Several products exist in the markets that make your beard washing easier. They include moisturizers and beard oils. These products help to regulate how your beard skin produces oil. That reduces sebum growth.

• Combing Beards
Dermatologists recommend that you grow your beard hair for at least thirty days without combing. That helps to reduce the growth of ingrown hairs that result from regular combing. Beard specialists, therefore, recommend that you use robust combs that won’t pull out your hair as you brush.

• Beard Skin Stretching

You should take care not to pull your beard skin when shaving. That’s because this encourages your beard hair to grow under your skins surface. You should also trim your beard towards the direction of your hair growth, and avoid the use of multi-blade razors.

Check Your Diet

You should also try to lead a healthy lifestyle to help your skin beard skin glow and reduce acne growth. That’s because healthy living decreases skin inflammation and nourishes your skin.

Solutions to Your Beard Acne and Flaky Hair Problems

The beard market has several products that claim to have instant solutions to the acne and dry skin in men. Fortunately, some companies such as Grizzly Adam UK, offer products and supplements that have been proven to be effective.

One way to find out about the effectiveness of these beard products companies is to check out their online websites and the reviews. Some of the products that will prove to be an asset to your beard needs include:


Premium Beard Oils

• As you have already noted in this guide, the leading cause of beard acne and dry, itchy and flaky skin is the dryness that occurs under your beard hair. This dryness makes you scratch your beard constantly. That makes you produce dandruff from your hair.

• You should use premium beard oils that will provide your skin with all the essential oils that it requires. You should use premium beard oils that contain natural ingredients.

One company that is known for its superior beard oils is Grizzly Adams. Their beard oil will moisturize your beard and dry, flaky skin. They eliminate dry skin, beard acne and prevent dandruff formation.

•Natural products heal your beard acne and flaky skin faster. The result is that your beard will be easy to control; your hair will be softer giving you a refreshing look.



Beard Wash Products

• You should look for beard wash solutions that are friendly to your skin. You should avoid the many shampoo solutions that may be harmful to your beard and hair skin.

• Dermatologists especially recommend that you use beard wash ingredients that are known to leave your hair skin and beard softer and easy to control.

• For example, Grizzly Adam beard wash. Their beard wash has another advantage; it has a lime scent that activates your morning senses and leaves you feeling refreshed. Using these products makes your beard acne and flaky skin a thing of the past.

Beard Balm

• Beard Balm makes it easy to control your beard. That’s because it’s a natural thickener that controls beard hair when applied in your beard. It also contains essential skin oils that prevent beard acne as well as dryness.

• Beard experts especially recommend using Grizzly Adams beard balm. That’s because it has these essential oils that enable your beard to grow thick. Using these products will make having a patchy beard a thing of the past.

Beard Combs

• The beard market has many products that designed for beard combing. The defect with these combs is that many end up pulling out your beard hair.

• You should use wooden beard combs that are for beards. Wooden beard combs are safe to use with beard oils, beard balms and are tough. For example, Grizzly Adams combs which are anti static. Using their wooden combs will make your tangled beards straighten out.

Beard Control Set


Grizzly Adams offers a complete beard acne and flaky skin control set. This set makes it easier to manage your beard budget. One favorite beard care kit is the Grizzly Adam set that includes:

• A Wahl Silver Groomsman beard trimmer set that contains a battery-powered Groomsman trimmer. These set enables you to keep your beard free from acne and leaves your skin moisturized when used along the above Grizzly Adam products.


Beard acne and dry, flaky skin should not bother you any longer. Using Grizzly Adams products, your beard will be presentable and appealing. The natural essential oils will make your dry, flaky skin softer and smooth. That leaves you able to concentrate on your day to day activities without feeling uncomfortable.

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