Marine Collagen Supplement Gets 5 Star Reviews

Our Marine Collagen Supplement has been receiving great reviews recently, not only is it scoring 5 star reviews on Amazon but fairly recently, many different beauty bloggers in the UK have been blogging about the remarkable results they experienced by consuming this new wonder supplement.

Exactly How Collagen Works

Up until recently collagen could not be created in a form that could pass directly through the intestine wall and into the blood-stream intact and the only way was by hypodermic injection. The dilemma with collagen injections is that they are only beneficial in the area around the area of the injection, merely plumping up the skin, and are incredibly over-priced.

Since collagen has been manufactured in a form that can pass directly into the blood-stream intact, a complete brand-new anti-ageing system has become available to everybody.

As soon as we pass our late 20’s our body’s have a lot less collagen than they could possibly utilize and a sluggish downturn starts, but by digesting  collagen into the blood-stream, we are altering that scenario.

Surprisingly, the existence of the collagen that you have actually consumed also activates the body’s very own collagen production.

Benefits of Marine Collagen

Marine collagen is a fibrous protein extracted from the scales or skin of saltwater fish, including cod and salmon. In recent years, preliminary animal and clinical studies have found that this collagen possesses medicinal properties that can help promote human health and well-being. Already widely used in the Far East, marine collagen-based products have begun to appear more often on health food shelves in the West. Talk to your doctor before beginning any regimen of self-treatment.

Slows Effects of Aging

Marine collagen has antioxidant properties that have been used in skin-care products to prevent or even repair the damage caused by environmental factors, such as UV rays and low humidity, as well as damage associated with the aging process. Researchers at Beijing University’s School of Public Health in China explored the effects of marine collagen peptides on the skin of aging mice. In findings published in the April 2008 issue of the Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine, the researchers reported that test animals given oral doses of marine collagen peptides showed a significant thickening of their epidermis, as compared with mice in the control group. Researchers also reported a sharp increase in the number and activity of fibroblasts in the skin of mice treated with marine collagen. Fibroblasts are cells that play a key role in the creation of new connective tissue, such as skin.

Promotes Bone Growth

Another research group at Beijing University’s School of Public Health conducted an animal study to determine what, if any, effect marine collagen peptides had on bone development. Specifically, they looked at how peptide supplementation affected the development of long bones in growing rats. They used marine collagen extracted from the scales of chum salmon and focused on femur development in test animals of both sexes. Their study, published in the July 2010 issue of the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, concluded that marine collagen supplements significantly increased the size, mineral density and toughness of femurs in male rats but produced less impressive results in female test animals. They suggested more and broader studies to confirm marine collagen’s effects on other animal and human subjects.

Don’t take our word for it – Marine Collagen reviews

We opened this article with very bold claims that the TN Health Marine Collagen was indeed getting some fantastic reviews and customer feedback, but don’t take our word for it. Why not check out the 5* reviews on Amazon here

Also check out the recent blogger reviews below: Click on the images to go direct to the review 🙂

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There you have it, undeniable proof you should at least consider supplementing with Marine Collagen

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