Allen Causevic Interview

I'm very excited to introduce Allen A. Causevic. He is one of the top competitors based out of the Chicago area. Many of you know him, some of you don't, but you'll hear more and more about him as time goes on.Allen is exceptionally eloquent and thoughtful in his answers. We discuss "fighters," gi vs. nogi, Austrian Economics, being a big guy, his favorite grapplers, and his hair.BJJinChicago:...
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Modern Day Hairstyles

Good modern day hairstyles abound, and choosing a nice style is the way to define yourself. A nice hairstyle compliments clothes, jewelry and accessories to show how fashionable you are. A decent hairstylist can give you a modern hairstyle that matches the shape of your face, skin tone, and body shape. They can even match the hairstyle look of celebrities, or give you a cutting edge emo or...
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Penis Rash From the Gym: Work Out Without the Itch

Working out at the gym - now that's something that makes a guy feel good! Sure, there's sweat and effort, but it pays off when a guy looks in the mirror and sees the results. (And it helps that a guy's partners like to see the results, too.) What isn't so positive is when a guy ends up with a little penis rash from his visits to the gym. Since penis health should never be sacrificed for...
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