Who Holds the Power in the Fitness Industry?

In a recent move some of the big corporate gyms have decided to do away with the people in their businesses. Budget gyms are here and more importantly to us - virtually staff-less gyms are here.The budget gym operators believe most people who use a gym don't want a trainer, and the plethora of industry data says they are correct. Only 5-10% of gym members take up the offer of a programme by an...
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Planning Your Fitness Program-Fitness

You now know that regular physical activity and exercise can help you avoid preventable diseases and add to both the quality and length of your life. If you are currently active, you are more aware of the benefits of regular physical activity and should be motivated to continue your efforts. If you are sedentary or sporadically active, you realize that you should not delay one day longer in...
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How to Get Ready for A Party In Minutes?

Girls start preparing for any party or event, a week in advance, but not the boys. Preparing for any occasion, before it actually arrives is not really their nature. Men might just ignore the fact, but it is equally important for them to look good. Whether it is work or pleasure, you need to dress according to the event. However, you can't change the nature of a person, but at least you can...
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